The Cape House

Classic stone textures and precisely accented landscaping meet a coastal New England motif. We were able to bring in and merge many different elements, giving the yard space an expansive, cultured look with elements of a luxury spa experience.

The Poolside Oasis

A pool is a pool, but an oasis is an experience every time you step outside. We took great pains to find the perfect greenery to complement the pool area and accentuate the outside furniture. The poolside oasis is now a welcoming environment for more than swimming and toweling off like a hotel room spa - it is truly a part of the home.

Backyard Oasis

So much space, so much to do! The backyard should be a source of pride for a homeowner, and with the detailed accents we added to create texture for the landscaping, this backyard oasis is truly a home feature. Keep in mind - we were able to add aesthetic features to make the yard a pleasure to view without limiting the playspace for children and pets.

Zen Garden

If you are looking for a taste of exotic luxury, one of the features we specialize in is the zen garden. Completely transform an area of your yardspace into a cultural experience that brings a peacefulness to your entire landscape. We maintain your zen garden as well as structure it, so you will never have to worry about its longevity after the fact.

Turrett House

A splash of color deftly applied to a classic landscape can bring new feelings of excitement to a front yard as well as an increase in home value. Contrasted against the angles of the home, our landscaping work for the Turrett House adds another level of depth to the architecture that is apparent from any curbside perspective.

Beautiful Trellis

Support your taller plants and build another texture into your walls without showing the wires with our beautifully incorporated trellis features. We will design the perfect match between your plants and home so that your trellis looks like a part of the natural structure, not a mechanical necessity.

Custom Stonework

Northern Oak Landscape stonework can be incorporated into the framework of any architecture. Our knowledge of classic stone patterns and our ability to skillfully capitalize on new opportunities means that you always get the perfect customization for your home - no one size fits all solutions here.